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No one expect you to make sound financial decisions without expert assistance and consultation. HCT Bank is always here for you to guide you through the mortgage decision-making process.

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Mision Statement

Whether you plan on buying a home, or you are considering a second mortgage loan on your home, we feel it is important to base important financial decisions on sound, mathematical calculations. To get a better idea of where you stand financially, please feel free to use the most incredible online calculators listed on the Internet.

When determining the mortgage amount you may qualify for, you will want to consider a number of financial factors:

• Decide how much you can afford to spend on a home before you begin your search. If you look at homes out of your price range, nothing will seem quite good enough.

• Don't spend more than you feel comfortable with, even if you qualify for a larger mortgage, stick with what you feel is affordable.

• In fast selling markets, do your research ahead of time. That way, when a house comes on the market, you are ready to make an offer before its too late and the property sells.

• Ensure you get a mortgage that suits your individual needs. Think about how long you think you want to live in the home and make a mortgage decision that will give you the best terms.

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