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FHA Home Guidelines and Requirements

FHA home guidelines and requirements and more valuable financing information is available from HCT Bank. Our comprehensive online mortgage service not only offers you a mortgage loan payment calculator and a mortgage refinancing calculator, but outstanding personal service. HCT Bank takes the time to listen to you, so you can find the best FHA home loan that fits your individual needs. We can also help you with FHA first time home buyer loan information, FHA mortgage refinance rates and the FHA streamline refinance program. You can submit your information online or over the telephone, and we will assist you with processing your FHA home loan program application. Whether you need an FHA home improvement loan, a reverse mortgage, or information on FHA loan limits, contact us. We can help you find the right FHA loan at the right rate.

We can help you choose the federal financing that's right for you

FHA home guidelines and requirements can sometimes be confusing. Our outstanding personal service can help guide you through the financing process. We can familiarize you with all of the available programs that fit your particular situation. From start to finish, you can count on us to assist you with all of your financing needs.

Ask us about the Section 203 (k) Single Family Rehab Mortgage Program. You can finance both the acquisition and rehabilitation of a house under one fixed or adjustable rate mortgage. If you already own your house, you can also take advantage of this program. The Section 203 (k) program especially makes buying a fixer-upper easier, since you won't have to deal with multiple loans for your mortgage and rehabilitation expenses.

Contact us about the HUD reverse mortgage program, if you own your house and are age 62 or older. This program allows you to borrow against equity, and provides periodic cash payments that you can use for any reason. There are no asset or income limitations, and no repayment of the loan is necessary until the house is sold.

Young couples can benefit from the Bridal Registry Account. Friends and family members can deposit cash wedding gifts into this account, so couples can save for a down payment on a house. More people can look forward to owning a house using this unique initiative.

If you already have a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration, you can benefit from the streamline refinance program to lower your monthly payments. This refinancing option is sometimes offered with no out of pocket expenses to the borrower. We can assist you with this and other federal programs, so you can get the financing that meets your needs.

Get the financing you need with our personalized mortgage application service

We offer you in-depth personal service so you can get the most out of Federal Housing Administration programs. Since we work with an established network of lenders, you'll get the best loan at the best rate. Let us help you apply for the financing that meets your requirements. Visit our site for up-to-date information and assistance with all of your mortgage loan needs.

Click here for more information on Federal Housing Administration loan programs.

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